Salary Calculator: Educate to Career & Job Search Intelligence

Educate To Career (ETC) offers a suite of data driven, outcome-focused tools that enable students and their parents to make informed, objective college and career planning decisions.

The information we offer is empirically based. We were founded due to the absence of resources which are based upon facts and data. Our sole focus is to deliver exceptionally high value information to our user base, which is students and their parents. We have no stake in any advocacy or policy positions.

Job Search Intelligence, LLC is the primary data provider for ETC. JSI provides the following statement regarding its sources of data: The data are derived from over 50 different data sources within government agencies and educational institutions. These sources include and are not limited to: U. S. Department of Labor, U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, National Center for Education Statistics, U. S. Census Bureau, Common Data Set Initiative, U. S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, U. S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, U. S. Federal Reserve.

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