Welcome to the KatieCareer Virtual Center (or KCVC), a website created by Career Development to help you find support and resources for a variety of career services! Searching for an on-campus job that fits your busy schedule? Creating a resume or cover letter for the first time? Curious about graduate school? Need to learn more about internships? You’ve come to the right place! Career Development also provides services for networking, interviews, and can help you select a field of study at St. Kate’s. Work and everything that accompanies it can be intimidating, especially when you’re trying to figure things out for the first time. And the more support you have to help you on your journey, the better.

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International Student Job Resources

Searching for jobs and internships can be challenging and exhausting, especially if you are an international student who also has to consider legal restrictions! If you are looking for more resources for international students around understanding CPT/OPT requirements, our Designated …

By Teresa Butel
Teresa Butel Employer & Career Specialist
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Job Search Q&A with St. Kate’s Seniors

Melody Kosbab (Public Policy & Political Science Major) and Emma Seehafer (History & English) are St. Catherine University Students who have worked as Career Assistants in the Career Development Center since their freshman year. They are both graduating in Fall …

By Emma Seehafer
Emma Seehafer Career Assistant
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How to Master the Initial Networking Email [INFOGRAPHIC]

Networking is a key aspect of paving your career path, and building new connections takes time and careful planning. Learning how to write a professional, engaging networking email is the first step to successfully growing your network. Check out the …

By Firsthand
We help applicants, students, job-seekers and professionals like you find the right career path using the power of firsthand experiences.
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Appointments may be available from 4:30-6:00 based on staffing capacity.