What’s Your Expected Salary?

Have you ever encountered a job application that asked about your desired compensation and left you wondering how to answer? I certainly have and in that situation, I found myself stuck on it longer than I expected and had to …

By Sheng Yang
Sheng Yang
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What Career Competencies Am I Learning From Being A Student-Athlete?

In athletics, individuals develop a wide range of career competencies that are highly transferable to various professional settings. A common misconception is that student-athletes are wasting their time on their sport instead of building their resume for their careers after …

By Anna Luksik
Anna Luksik Career Assistant
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Internship Q&A with St. Kates Business Student

Abby Pirkl is a current St. Kate’s senior majoring in accounting and marketing with a minor in economics and business administration. Abby interned at Eide Bailly, a business advisory, accounting, and technology firm in Minneapolis, MN during the summer of …

By Gwenyth Buswell
Gwenyth Buswell Career Assistant
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Keeping Track of your Internship Career Competencies S.M.A.R.T. Goals

As a student, it can become overwhelming to keep track of work, homework, internship applications, and many more things, depending on where you are in your journey. Students use various formats and tools to keep track of daily life, like …

By Emily Rodriguez
Emily Rodriguez
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Campus Job Opportunities within Community Work and Learning 

The Center for Community Work and Learning is a part of the Office of Scholarly Engagement and offers several meaningful and engaging student employment programs. These opportunities are open to all years and all majors! The programs include America Reads,

By Shavonnye Rath
Shavonnye Rath Career Assistant
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Everything you need to know about LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great tool to network professionally, look for a job, grow your career, and more! As a student at St. Kate’s, I have used LinkedIn in a variety of ways, and I have found all of its features …

By Emma Almquist
Emma Almquist Career Assistant
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How I used KCVC resources to help guide my path: Shavonnye Rath

In my time at St. Kate’s, I have had many major/ career pivots. When I first entered in the fall of 2020, I was dead set on a career in physical therapy. I have always loved human biology, and for …

By Shavonnye Rath
Shavonnye Rath Career Assistant
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International Student Job Resources

Searching for jobs and internships can be challenging and exhausting, especially if you are an international student who also has to consider legal restrictions! If you are looking for more resources for international students around understanding CPT/OPT requirements, our Designated …

By Teresa Butel
Teresa Butel Employer & Career Specialist
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Job Search Q&A with St. Kate’s Seniors

Melody Kosbab (Public Policy & Political Science Major) and Emma Seehafer (History & English) are St. Catherine University Students who have worked as Career Assistants in the Career Development Center since their freshman year. They are both graduating in Fall …

By Emma Seehafer
Emma Seehafer Career Assistant
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How to Master the Initial Networking Email [INFOGRAPHIC]

Networking is a key aspect of paving your career path, and building new connections takes time and careful planning. Learning how to write a professional, engaging networking email is the first step to successfully growing your network. Check out the …

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