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Internship Credit Options 

☑️  4/3/2 Credit Option –Posted on transcript, cost of tuition, affiliation with major/minor required

☑️  Zero Credit Option –Posted on transcript, no tuition, affiliation with major/minor not required

Internship Credit Options Handout

Credit Internship Registration

SUMMER 2021 Internship Registration Now Open                                                                       Once you have accepted an internship, start the registration process by completing the online Experience form for your 4, 3, 2, or zero credit internship.

INSTRUCTIONS                                                                                                                                                Log into Handshake, enter Career Center (at top right corner),                                                    choose EXPERIENCES & click on Request an Experience.

You will need the following information when completing the Experience form;

  • internship company/organization name, address, zip code, industry
  • internship supervisor name, phone number and email address
  • internship position (Job) title, department, start and end dates
  • faculty internship advisor name and email address
  • major or minor associated with internship
  • number of credits
  • compensation                                                                                                                                                              🌞 June 9, 2021 – Summer Registration Deadline 🌞

Gain Experience in Many Ways                                                                      

Consider many different career-building and credit-bearing experiences.

☑️Traditional Internship – a project-oriented, semester-long, paid or unpaid experience (80-160 hrs. worked)
☑️Volunteer Experience – a project-oriented, semester-long, unpaid experience (80-160 hrs. worked)
☑️Micro-Internship – a project-oriented, less than a semester-long, paid or unpaid experience (less than 80 hrs. worked)



Internship Search & Setup Process                                                                    

Learn about the steps to plan for an internship.

Search & Setup Checklist📋

Internship Search Guide📝

Frequently Asked Questions                                                                           

Find more answers to your internship questions

Internship Question/Answer Handout❓


Your Internship Support Team 

Internship Program Director

Learn about the assistance that is provided by the Internship Program Staff.


Faculty Internship Advisor                                                       

Learn about the role of the Faculty Internship Advisor.

Faculty Internship Advisor Guide🎓


Internship Supervisor                                                               

Learn about the role of the Internship Supervisor.

Internship Supervisor Guide💼






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Career Resources

Learn about many resources that are available to help students to find great internship opportunities.

All internships available to MN universities

Graduate and undergraduate full-time and part-time internships available each school semester, and summer, for college and university students or recent …

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