5 Things You Need to Do to Set Yourself Apart in the Tech Industry

There’s no question that technology is a lucrative, stable and interesting industry to enter in 2019. But there’s also no question that tech is intensely popular — and potentially intimidating to women who aren’t industry insiders. So, how can you cut …

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4 Really Good Reasons to Quit Complaining About Your Job

Wondering why you hate your job? It’s possible you’re venting about it a little too much.

Most people like to engage in a little light complaining about their jobs. But there are good reasons to resist the urge — or …

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Women in Data Science: Advice From 4 Experts

What’s the day-to-day of a data scientist in 2019? What skills are needed to land a data science role? What trends should data scientists be aware of? We recently partnered with the GUILD, an AI-driven networking platform for women, to …

By Springboard
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Here’s Why You Should Update Your LinkedIn Profile (Even if You’re Not Looking for a Job)

Almost everything in your life eventually needs an update—your car, your clothing, your Facebook profile picture. Just the other day, I discovered that my running shoes are so worn down I’m basically running barefoot.

Your LinkedIn profile is no different. …

By Aisha Mohamed
Aisha Mohamed Career Assistant
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