International Student Job Resources

Searching for jobs and internships can be challenging and exhausting, especially if you are an international student who also has to consider legal restrictions! If you are looking for more resources for international students around understanding CPT/OPT requirements, our Designated School Official in the Center for Intercultural Development is your primary expert. To expand on those resources, please check out the following job information:

Opportunities for jobs while you are a student:


International students are automatically allowed to work on campus as long as you follow the guidelines listed here under “Employment”


Top 200 OPT Employers

Source: U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement


Top 200 CPT Employers

Source: U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement

Opportunities for full-time employment after graduation:

H1-B Visa

Filterable Data Hub of Top H-1B Employers

Source: U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services

H1B Grader

Where to search:

Fortunately, our primary job platform for students has built-in filters specifically for International Students.

Additional resources include:

By Teresa Butel
Teresa Butel Employer & Career Specialist