Career Competencies Checklist

The following competency areas are the most essential for undergraduates to develop before they graduate. You have likely developed many of the skills below already but reflection on your experience can help you name them and attach them to things you’ve done. Learning how to communicate about these competencies is an asset as you begin to network and apply for opportunities

The lists below are behaviors you may have demonstrated that help you develop each competency. Connecting the specific behavior to the competency is important. The competency is what you take with you to your next endeavor. The behavior provides evidence that you developed the skill

The Competencies Checklist is meant to be a brainstorming tool to help you start thinking about

  • What competencies do you have experience?
  • What competencies do you need experience?

Career Competencies Checklist

Do you want to figure out what skills you already have?

1Leadership & Collaboration
3Critical Thinking & Decision Making
4Creativity & Innovation
5Professionalism & Ethics
6Digital & Technology Application
7Global & Intercultural Fluency
8Career Management & Adaptability
9What's Next?

Leadership & Collaboration

Leadership & Collaboration(Required)
Below are behaviors that demonstrate Leadership & Collaboration. Go through the list and mark off the ones that you have experience doing. If you haven't demonstrated any of these mark the "I don't have any of these yet"