7 Tips for Writing a Great Recommendation Letter


A member of your team asked you to write a letter of recommendation for her. While it is sad when a valued colleague moves on professionally, you want to showcase her talents in the most effective manner possible. However, …

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A Recruiter Who Runs a Team of Over 80 People Shares Her Best Management and Job Search Advice

Vicki Tung, now the head of campus recruiting at Goldman Sachs, started at the firm right out of college. But despite spending her entire career thus far at Goldman Sachs, she’s had a winding career path. She’s worked in many …

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‘Lean Into Uncomfortableness’: 2 Female Tech Leaders Share How They’re Owning Their Career Paths

Given the pace at which technology evolves, forging a career path in tech today hardly comes with a blueprint for success. Add to that the gender disparity persisting in many companies’ executive ranks, and this dearth of female tech leaders …

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How I’m Learning to Banish The Mommy Guilt Too Many Working Moms Struggle With

Marlowe Merritt’s morning routine sounds like that of many working moms. Her daughter, Aiyla, wakes her up early, she and her husband make coffee as they juggle bottle time, and then they drop her daughter off at daycare before heading …

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The 2020 Blueprint for Gender Diversity in the Workplace

According to the World Economic Forum, we are still 202 years away from gender parity in the workplace. Although centuries from equality, the irony is this: Diverse workplaces greatly impact a company’s bottom line — and for the better.

And there’s …

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The 2 Musts for Advancing Your STEM Career, From 2 Latinx Leaders

Raquel Rivera and Raquel Tamez have more in common than just their names — they’re also successful Latinx leaders in the STEM field.

A lifelong lover of science and math, Rivera grew her career to Vice President of Product Delivery Center …

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Why I’ve Never Told Anyone at Work About My Chronic Pain

Chronic pain affects anywhere from 11% to 40% of people in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In fact, in 2016, an estimated 20.4% of U.S. adults had coped with chronic pain, and 8% …

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5 Things You Need to Do to Set Yourself Apart in the Tech Industry

There’s no question that technology is a lucrative, stable and interesting industry to enter in 2019. But there’s also no question that tech is intensely popular — and potentially intimidating to women who aren’t industry insiders. So, how can you cut …

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4 Really Good Reasons to Quit Complaining About Your Job

Wondering why you hate your job? It’s possible you’re venting about it a little too much.

Most people like to engage in a little light complaining about their jobs. But there are good reasons to resist the urge — or …

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Women in Data Science: Advice From 4 Experts

What’s the day-to-day of a data scientist in 2019? What skills are needed to land a data science role? What trends should data scientists be aware of? We recently partnered with the GUILD, an AI-driven networking platform for women, to …

By Springboard
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