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Whether you’ve decided on your career path or not, you will likely have plenty of questions along the way. This page is here to help guide you on your journey.

Career Exploration

What question do you want to explore?

How do I choose a major?

Learn about what majors are available at St. Kates, what they involve, and how to narrow down your options.

What can I do with my major/degree?

Learn how to plot a career path that feels authentic, aligns with your values, and aligns with market trends.

How do I get experience in my field?

Learn different ways that you can get involved in your field whether you are brand new or an established professional.

Featured Articles

Pre-Health Shadowing

This Pre-Health Shadowing website helps you connect to VIRTUAL job shadowing opportunities in a wide variety of health professions. Earn shadowing certificates and discover research opportunities for FREE!

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Flipping Your Thoughts Activity

The “Flipping Your Expectations” activity is a brainstorming exercise to help you identify and reframe the thoughts that are in your mind as you are making career decisions, specifically the ones that may be holding you back.

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St Kate’s Career Development Career Chat Guide (“Informational Interviewing”)

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