What Does it Mean to Study Women’s Studies?

Many colleges and universities now allow liberal arts students to pursue degrees in women’s studies. Using the arts and humanities as a launch pad, these popular degree programs explore the many factors that influence and shape the life of women. Students investigate these influences in the United States and throughout the world. Students who pursue a degree in women’s studies learn how social and cultural influences have shaped the lives and roles of women throughout history.

Most participating students report that courses directly related to women’s studies have had a profound impact on their lives. By viewing world events and cultures through the filters of different genders, students can gain powerful perspectives on freedom and empowerment. Women’s studies majors learn to value the achievements of female leaders over the years while positioning themselves for their own cultural breakthroughs.

While women’s studies degree programs can vary tremendously from one college or university to the next, most feature courses in the following disciplines:

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