The Minnesota Black Chamber of Commerce

he Minnesota Black Chamber of Commerce operates with a determination to embrace the needs and aspirations of every segment of our community. We acknowledge the essential role that the creation and profitable operation of business plays in the broader economy.

As people in business and as an association of businesses, the Minnesota Black Chamber of Commerce promotes the capabilities, capacity and value of businesses of African descent to Minnesota communities and its economy. Without a specific, concerted effort to create, launch and retain our businesses, endeavors to widen the number of individuals who become entrepreneurs and/or start businesses in traditionally disenfranchised communities are often made in vain and/or do not come to fruition. Experientially, MBCC finds this to be especially true among traditionally economically distressed populations among us.

By having a robust, active Chamber, community members are able to directly see the results of high-impact strategies that bring established businesses together with start-up and medium sized business enterprises throughout the state of Minnesota. The Minnesota Black Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to the growth, retention, and vitality of its member businesses.

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