Public Policy Careers

Public policy encompasses the nation’s laws, regulations, and social constructs upheld by jurisprudence. Policies can respond to specific issues like educational accessibility, workforce development, and housing practices. They also exist in institutional contexts when organizations create guidelines and rules for how they conduct business.

Because public policy cuts across multiple sectors, pursuing this field can provide you with diverse employment opportunities. Possible career paths include civil service administrator, city manager, and diplomat. Public policy specialists may also pursue careers with private employers, acting as higher education advisors, public relations specialists, and healthcare coordinators. By obtaining graduate degrees and work experience, they can occupy roles as researchers, postsecondary teachers, lawyers, and executives.

This guide provides you with in-depth information on degree planning including program structures, concentrations, and skill development and application. You’ll also gain insight into public policy career options and corresponding entry requirements. The guide concludes with job search tips and professional development resources.

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