Playbook: A Woman’s Guide to Life & Money

Should you invest your savings in a 529 plan or a 401(k)? How do you mitigate the potential effects of a career interruption? How do you fulfill your caregiving duties without sacrificing your own self care? How does a major life transition like divorce or retirement impact your financial future? If you’re wrestling with some of these questions, the Playbook: A Woman’s Guide to Life & Money may have the answers you’re looking for.

For over 80 years, Morgan Stanley has been helping generations of clients navigate life’s milestones, sharing expertise and guidance on subjects such as family dynamics, sustainable investing, and philanthropy. They created the Playbook as a resource to help guide you on this financial journey. Filled with articles, infographics, checklists, interviews, and tips that cover 10 major life milestones, the Playbook shares essential money know-how to help you navigate the road ahead and explore new horizons with confidence.

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