3 Networking Techniques Way More Effective Than Asking Someone to Coffee

Before those who read this title think I’ve abandoned everything, I stand for: Don’t worry, I still love coffee. I am the stereotypical remote worker who seeks refuge from writer’s block in a coffee shop. I drink nearly as much as Lorelai Gilmore, and whenever I want to catch up with a friend I suggest we meet for coffee.

However, I’ll admit that this isn’t always an effective networking strategy. As the writer Deborah Copaken Kogan includes on her contact page “but please refrain from asking her to…go on a coffee date…it’s hard enough to find an hour to have coffee with a friend.”

Therein lies the problem in asking networking contacts to meet for coffee: There’s a good chance they’ll respond that they’re “too pressed for time.” And, it’s no doubt true. (Seriously, look no further than here, here, and here). So, if you’re hoping to connect with someone new or particularly busy, try moving your requests online. You’ll get the same results (new connections!) without all those the back-and-forth “when and where” emails.

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