Preparation for your Internship

This Internship Preparation video will help you think about why to do an internship, determine for-credit and 0-credit requirements, prepare internship application materials, and how to search for internship opportunities

Student Faculty  Supervisor Career Development
Before the Internship
Need an Internship?

1) Use the Programs of Study page to see if your major requires an internship and how many credits are required.

2) If required, make sure to check in with your department to see what the requirements are for the type of internship you need to secure.

Want an Internship?
You may still do an internship for credit if it is not required of your major. You may also do a zero-credit internship through Career Development.
Student Faculty  Supervisor Career Development
Search for an Internship
Tips for finding an internship:

-Talk to instructors and your program administration to get ideas for what students may have done in the past.

-Search Handshake  Jobs page for opportunities. Filter for internships and location.

-Talk to Career Development to brainstorm internship ideas and receive guidance. Make an appointment in Handshake. Click Career Center > Appointments

Career Development can help you brainstorm ideas for securing an internship.
Student Faculty  Supervisor Career Development
Secure an internship
Apply for internships according to the internship site requirements (e.g., résumé, cover letter, application, etc.) Career development can help you develop your application materials.

-Use KCVC to find helpful DIY resources for résumé and cover letter

-Use Career Activator to develop your materials using instructional templates

-Make an appointment in Handshake by clicking Career Center > Appointments


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