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Jobs vs. Internships vs. Careers: What's the Difference?

A job is something you do for money. They can be long-term or short-term, high-paying or low-paying, seasonal or full-time. There is a wide variety of jobs available, and most people will have many across their lifetime. An internship is a type of job that is built to be a learning experience. There is often a set end date, and built in learning and supervision throughout.

A career is the summation of your professional journey, including things like your education, work experience, volunteering, etc. It is a lifelong path, with no real beginning or end.

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Resources for Entering the Workforce Post-Parental Leave

We have compiled a few tips on entering the workforce for KATIEs who are pursuing a degree while planning to join the workforce after a parental leave!

If you would like support in developing an action plan to make concrete …

By Teresa Butel
Teresa Butel Employer & Career Specialist
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A First-Year Guide to Career Development

Are you a first-year student at St. Kate’s and looking for an on-campus job? Need help with a resume? Do you have absolutely no idea what you want to major (or minor) in as an undergraduate? Are you curious about graduate school? Career Development is the place where you can find resources, answers to all these questions and more!

By Morgan Shelley (they/them)
Morgan Shelley (they/them) Peer Advisor
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LinkedIn Job Seeker Checklist

In this checklist, LinkedIn walks you through how to attract employers, grow your professional skills, and connect to new job opportunities through a great LinkedIn profile.

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