Prepare for an Interview

A job interview is a formal meeting with an employer to determine if you are a good fit for a position or opportunity. An interview is usually structured as:
Introductions → Opening questions → Specific questions → Candidate’s questions → Closing/next steps

Featured Articles

HireVue – virtual interviews

HireVue is a way to interview anytime, anywhere, at your best. Interview when you want with a computer or smartphone. HireVue technology enables you to show employers your skills and potential beyond your resume or application.

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Tough Interview Question – Are you interviewing with other employers?

Click on this resource to learn why the interviewer is asking this question and the best approach to answering this question.

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Common Entry-Level Interview Questions and Answers

Interview Skills

Are you a student or a recent graduate looking for an entry-level job? What can you expect during the job interview? The interview questions that hiring managers ask entry-level candidates will typically be focused on why you are …

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