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Introducing PeopleGrove – Grow Your Career Connections!

Did You Know:

90% of students who complete career conversations received an internship or research position!

What is PeopleGrove?

PeopleGrove is a digital platform that connects you with other Katies, alums, and friends of the University by bringing them together …

By Jen Harshner
Jen Harshner Employer Partner Strategist
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Make Career Connections with a Job Shadow

What is a job shadow? 

Job shadow is short-term (half-day, one-day, weeklong) unpaid, and not-for-credit career exploration experience for students to learn about an employer, field/industry, and occupation. During a job shadow experience students will have an opportunity to observe …

By Jen Harshner
Jen Harshner Employer Partner Strategist
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Making Career Connections Badge

This article is an introduction to the Badge: Career Connections on Suitable. To learn more about badges, visit Suitable’s website

A career connection is a relationship you create with another person that will help you in your future career. …

By Meagan Baker
Meagan Baker Career Specialist
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