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St. Kate’s MAOL graduates are leading and influencing in business, nonprofit, government, and other organizations such as: 3M, American Cancer Society, AT&T, American Red Cross, Ameriprise Financial, Catholic Charities, Honeywell, State of Minnesota, Prudential Insurance, Target Corporation, and Wells Fargo.

Through this program, students acquire a wealth of experience in for-profit, nonprofit, government, education, and healthcare settings. The variety of perspectives in our small, discussion-based classes deeply enhances the education you receive. Fellow students become friends, collaborators, and members of your professional network, and the MAOL Alumni Network offers channels to support your ongoing professional networking and lifelong learning.

Lead Change in Your Organization

Effective, ethical, and enduring leadership practices are woven into every organizational leadership master’s degree course. You will ground your leadership in collaboration, interpersonal connections, and a holistic view of personal and professional growth. You’ll identify your strengths as a leader and enhance your ability to make courageous and wise decisions that move your career and your organization forward.

The master’s in organizational leadership curriculum integrates multicultural and global perspectives in every course, as well as custom designed study abroad programs. You’ll increase your intercultural competence and learn to influence an organization to make ethical decisions that affect people from all walks of life.

Graduate certificates in organizational leadership are available. In addition, graduate leadership certificate programming is available at specific sponsoring companies:

  • Allina Health offers a Graduate Custom Certificate in Organizational Leadership for eligible employees on-site at Allina Health locations.

For information about joining the Allina cohort for Fall 2020, contact the MAOL Office at 651-690-6420.

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