Abby Pirkl receiving a scholarship from her internship firm, Eide Bailly, at the banquet awards.
Internship Q&A with St. Kates Business Student

Abby Pirkl is a current St. Kate’s senior majoring in accounting and marketing with a minor in economics and business administration. Abby interned at Eide Bailly, a business advisory, accounting, and technology firm in Minneapolis, MN during the summer of 2023. Through her experience, Abby honed essential skills such as asking questions and self-sufficiency, which she sees as valuable for any role. This internship paved the way for her future, as she secured a full-time position as an Audit Associate post-graduation. Abby credits Career Development resources for enhancing her interview skills, emphasizing the importance of seeking assistance from professors and utilizing campus resources for internship opportunities.

How did you find this internship?

Abby: A St Kate’s accounting professor recommended me for the position. My professor approached me about this internship. She was asked to recommend a student, and she recommended me. I worked very hard in my accounting classes, so that is how I got the opportunity for this internship. 

What was the application process like?

Abby: I first met with a firm recruiter for coffee and then interviewed at the office in Minneapolis a few weeks later.  To get the interview after I had coffee with a firm recruiter, I applied online with just a resume that I created using a simple template I found online. I was sent the application link directly from the recruiter. My application process differed from most internships because I was recruited instead of applying to the internship online. I also brought several printed copies of my resume to my interview. 

Why did you choose this internship? Favorite part? 

Abby: I chose this internship because I found a passion for accounting during my classes at St Kate’s and wanted to go into public accounting. I enjoyed my interview and meeting with current firm partners. My values aligned well with the firms, so accepting the position was an easy decision. My favorite part was working with new people every day and getting to know them. 

What made you decide to start an internship at the time that you did?

Abby: I think it was just common to intern the summer before your senior year of college, and I didn’t really know what my passions were until the middle of my junior year, so the timing worked great for me to do a summer internship.

What was the most valuable part/experience that you had?

Abby: The biggest takeaway I learned from my internship was how to ask questions. At least for my position, you learn almost everything from your peers, so being able to ask questions is such an important component of success. 

Transferable skills you feel you developed/expanded on?

Abby: I think a skill I learned that can be transferred to any position was learning how to use your current knowledge and experience to tackle the project at hand before asking questions. Really just learning how to be self-sufficient in my role. Being self-sufficient is an important skill because every role in the workforce will have tasks assigned to you that you need to be able to use your previous knowledge and experience to complete. Learning to use the resources around you to complete a project to the best of your ability is crucial for success in any field. 

How did this internship contribute to what you plan to do after graduation?

Abby: I was honored to be offered a full-time position as an Audit Associate at Eide Bailly, which I will start after graduation. 

In what ways did career development assist you in this experience?

Abby: Before my interview at Eide Bailly, I also interviewed for a position at 3M, which was done at the Career Development office on campus, and that experience helped me greatly with my interview skills. I would not have known about the 3M  position without the Career Development Center. 

What would you recommend to students who are either looking for an internship or are beginning one?

Abby: If you are looking for an internship, ask your professors! They all have great experience and connections in the workforce and are always willing to help students. If you are beginning an internship, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Everyone there has been in the exact same position as you are and will help you. 

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By Gwenyth Buswell
Gwenyth Buswell Career Assistant