Introducing PeopleGrove – Grow Your Career Connections!

Did You Know:

90% of students who complete career conversations received an internship or research position!

What is PeopleGrove?

PeopleGrove is a digital platform that connects you with other Katies, alums, and friends of the University by bringing them together in one place to help you get to where you want to go and thrive. Whether you need advice, knowledge about a job opportunity, or are seeking to connect with others in your field of interest, community members in PeopleGrove are there to inform, coach, and inspire. Connect through a “flash” meeting to gain access to information quickly, or establish an ongoing relationship. PeopleGrove is your resource to connections that count.

Activating your professional networks now is one of the most important decisions you can make as a student for launching and unlocking opportunities for your professional career growth. For information about setting up your profile and navigating the platform, please go to the St. Kate’s PeopleGrove Resource Page.

Alumni and Mentor Information

PeopleGrove is St. Catherine University’s online platform to create and foster meaningful connections within the Katie Community. Connecting with a St. Kate’s student is a great way to share valuable insight and support at a critical stage of career exploration and decision-making. Connections in PeopleGrove are completely driven by the parameters you set. Students are responsible for initiating all connections, and you have total control over the frequency of contact, types of inquiries, and the format of conversations. PeopleGrove’s built-in messaging and video-call capabilities allow you to share your knowledge and industry expertise based on your preferences. You can also interact with other Katies to network, or seek advice.

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By Jen Harshner
Jen Harshner Employer Partner Strategist