Making Career Connections Badge

This article is an introduction to the Badge: Career Connections on Suitable. To learn more about badges, visit Suitable’s website

A career connection is a relationship you create with another person that will help you in your future career. These connections are important for helping to learn more information about job industries, specific companies, and can land you your next job or internship in the future. Career connections are not just about having the connections, but using them. The purpose of this module is to help introduce you to career connections and walk you through a career connection experience of your own. 

In order to receive the Career Connection badge on Suitable, you must follow the following four steps:

This badge is a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure of making career connections. You have already begun Step One, where you learn about the resources available to you. 

In the second module (Step Two), you will be introduced to the tools available to help you make a career connection: PeopleGrove, LinkedIn, Job Shadowing, Career Fairs/Meet & Greets, and Career Chats

You will then gain practice with these tools in Step Three, where you can “train” to feel comfortable with the resources available to you. These activities include creating a PeopleGrove account, adding a connection on LinkedIn, and meeting with a career advisor. The final step will be to go on your adventure, by completing one of the activities that will allow you to experience making a career connection. These activities include attending a career fair/meet & greet, attending an employer tabling session, completing a job shadow, or having a career chat. 

So, what will it be– Will you want to gain hands-on experience by completing a job shadow? Expand your connections to employers by attend a Career Fair or Meet and Greet, or attend an Info Session? Or, do you want to have personalized information in a one-on-one Career Chat?

Your adventure is your own, so choose wisely! 

By completing this badge, you will be gaining in-depth, clear information about a field of interest or a potential job. You will also be fostering connections that can help benefit you for years to come!

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By Meagan Baker
Meagan Baker Career Specialist