How to find an internship with the help of the career development office

Each semester, a great many college students across the country search, apply, and interview for internships. The process of searching for an internship and getting credit for it can seem daunting, but the Career Development Office is here to make the process a lot easier for St. Kate’s students.

I spoke with Laura Zirngible, the resident internship counselor at the Career Development Office. She gave many great insights about how to search for internships, and how the process of getting an internship for credit works.

Start your search

“It’s best to start searching for internships at least one semester ahead to allow time to find internship positions and apply with a well-formulated resume, cover letter, and in order to not miss important application deadlines,” Laura says.

Not sure where to start looking? Handshake is the best starting point for St. Kate’s students to look for internships. Positions are posted daily, and the user-friendly website allows students to filter by the type of employment and location.

In the case of searching for internships, simply click the “Internship” filter button at the top of the search page. The Handshake algorithm will automatically select the most relevant internships for each student based on their major, year in school, and past searches.

Another resource to use is Laura Zirgible herself. Students can request an Internship Search appointment through Handshake, or by emailing Please keep in mind that the office cannot schedule same-day appointments, so it is best to plan ahead.

Students can set up a video conference or phone call appointment with Laura through Career Development

Need internship credit?

If you would like to get your internship for credit or for 0 credit but still have it shown on your college transcript, you must meet with Laura first for an internship exploration appointment in order for you to meet and for Laura to familiarize yourself with your situation. Plus, she can start walking you through the process.

She will give you resources and paperwork to fill out, and then you are free to set up an Internship Setup appointment with her. In this type of appointment, you will talk with Laura about St. Kate’s requirements for getting credit for an internship, and you will begin the process of setting yourself up with the registrar’s office to get credit for your internship.

Things to consider

Laura mentions that it is best to apply for multiple internships and to further narrow your search by keeping things in mind, like location and transportation needs, and COVID safety and precautions implicated by the company. Be sure to think ahead about how an internship will fit with your school or other work schedules.

“It is also important to know that it doesn’t always have to be the perfect company or internship title to be a great internship experience,” Laura says. “It is often the effort that the student contributes to the experience that can make it the best internship experience ever.”

Internships during COVIDPhoto by Edward Jenner from Pexels

Even amidst the global pandemic, there are still internships available for students of all majors, but there have been changes made in the availability of roles, especially in healthcare or non-profit organizations, where the focus of many internships includes interacting directly with people. 

“Many organizations including business, corporate, government, and some non-profits have adapted their internships to be virtual roles. This change has provided new options to students for positions that would have otherwise been non-virtual in nature,” says Laura.

Because of changes in the availability of positions, there has been an increase in competition for many internships, which is why it’s so important for students to plan ahead at least one semester. This allows time for students to find positions and apply to them with a well-prepared resume, cover letter, and any other materials the company asks for on the application.

By Mandy Hay
Mandy Hay Career Assistant Mandy Hay