Advice from Katie’s: Why you should sign up for the Professional Development Program

The Professional Development Program provides First-year, Sophomore and Junior students in the College for Women an opportunity to design their career pathway and prepare for their future career. Students receive training in professional skills, and will have access to experiences and professionals within the community in order to build their network.

The program started this past summer and we got the chance to ask some current students from the Summer 2020 cohort their perspective so far including their thoughts as to why you should sign up.

Why did you apply?

“I wanted to learn how to get an internship and get a head start on my career before graduating”Liz Johnson ’21

“I chose to apply for the Professional Development Program to enhance my skills and knowledge in order to be more confident when entering internships and/or the work place. It is important for me to gain that sense of professional confidence in order for me to do well within various activities that involve my professionalism.” -Isela Cereso Mendiola ’23

“I wanted to learn new things about career development, and hone my skills to become better at making professional connections.” –Jade LeBris ’22

“I wanted to develop my professionalism. Meet more people from different majors/fields.” –Pa Kou Lor ’22

Why should other students apply?

“I believe that by signing up for the Professional Development Program it will open the doors for your skills to grow, gain the confidence you need when entering new opportunities, and also it will allow the chance to challenge yourself within a professional setting.” –Isela Cereso Mendiola ’23

“In this program, we learn things that we didn’t know at all before, but we especially learn a lot about things we thought we knew about careers, goals, and network.” Jade LeBris ’22

What is your favorite part of the program or what are you most excited about?

“Although the program was virtual, I was still able to connect with other students within the program rather than having the program seem like a lecture. My favorite part of the program was having the chance to hear about other experiences that either my peers or program coordinators had!” –Isela Cereso Mendiola ’23

By Emily Reeder
Emily Reeder Career and Future Readiness Project Specialist