The 2020 Blueprint for Gender Diversity in the Workplace

The 2020 Blueprint for Gender Diversity in the Workplace was originally published on Fairygodboss.

According to the World Economic Forum, we are still 202 years away from gender parity in the workplace. Although centuries from equality, the irony is this: Diverse workplaces greatly impact a company’s bottom line — and for the better.

And there’s data to back it up. McKinsey & Company’s 2019 Women in the Workplace Report revealed that companies that are gender and ethnically diverse are up to 35% more likely to outperform than the industry median.

“We have to crack the code to expedite gender equality in the workplace,” said Romy Newman, Co-founder and President of Fairygodboss. “Companies that hire and retain great female talent will be the ones that win.”

To tackle this head on, leading voices from Deloitte, Google, Nielsen, IBM, Facebook, Salesforce,  AT&T and more gathered at Galvanize 2019, Fairygodboss’ two-day summit to discuss gender parity in the workplace.

Leaders from Fairygodboss, JPMorgan Chase, BNSF Logistics, State Street and Pandora and SiriusXM gather at the third annual Galvanize event in NYC. 

Watch the video  and get inspired by corporate leaders who are determined to improve gender diversity in 2020:

Your 2020 Blueprint.

To help your company accelerate the path towards gender equality and increase business results, we’re excited to release our latest resource, The 2020 Blueprint for Gender Diversity in the Workplace, which compiles key takeaways from Galvanize 2019.

Download the blueprint

Inside, get tips from diversity leaders who share five steps to building more diverse workplaces, including how to:

  1. Take your diversity investment up a level

  2. Build your pipeline of qualified female talent

  3. Engage male allies

  4. Seek buy-in from the top

  5. Rethink the future of work

The New York Times’ Rebecca Blumenstein (left) on stage with Bozoma Saint John, the Chief Marketing Officer at William Morris Endeavor (right) at Galvanize 2019

The time to act is now.

In Fall 2019, Melinda Gates committed $1 billion to promoting gender equality. “A window of opportunity has opened,” she said. “Even so, there is no reason to believe this moment will last forever—or that this window will stay open as long as we need it to. If we’re going to act, we have to act now.”

Melinda’s commitment will go towards dismantling barriers to women’s professional advancement, putting pressure on organizations in need of workplace reform, and much more.

Speakers at Galvanize 2019 echoed in agreement — it is possible to accelerate the path toward gender equality, but we must act now and we must take dramatic and decisive action. It is our collective responsibility to support and advance women and under-represented minorities in the workplace — not just the responsibility of one group or one person. This is a change in mindset that we can work towards immediately.

We hope The 2020 Blueprint for Gender Diversity in the Workplace inspires you to make tangible changes and move one step closer to true equality in your workplace.

Download the blueprint here.

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